Monday, June 11, 2012


I feel like I'm doing fairly well for myself lately, but everyone can use some self-improvement goals! Especially since this person tends to disorganization and laziness when without a plan. Hopefully having a concrete list of goals will help me have a productive summer!
In the next three months: June 11-September 11, 2012

The Road to Success: run five days every week - but START SLOWLY.
End Goal: run three miles in thirty minutes. Tough Mudder is looming and as I stand right now, I am woefully under-prepared.

The Road to Success: Pay my credit card down an additional $1,500.
End Goal: Feel slightly accomplished. Be closer to the light at the end of this stupid debt tunnel.

The Road to Success: Lift two or three times a week; continue pole & silks classes.
End Goal(s): Squat, lunge, & deadlift at least 100 pounds; be able to do three pull-ups in a row. Just because I want to.

The Road to Success: inventory all of my finished/in-progress costumes.
End Goal: Get rid of any that I don’t wear anymore or have no intention of finishing. Yeah. And also finish sewing my Ty Lee costume so it’s all ready for AUSA.

The Road to Success: Sit down, relax, and art it up at least twice a week.
End goal: Finish up the three art commissions I’ve taken on (one is almost finished, that almost feels like cheating).

I think that’s challenging as well as possible in three months, eh? Here’s to my tenacity, may it be enough for me to accomplish everything.

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