Monday, August 13, 2012

A Post For No Reason

I am overflowing with feeling today. This morning was beautiful and I drove to work with my windows down. I had an amazing weekend filled with physical triumphs and many wonderful people. It feels like my heart might burst with how happy I am. And that’s really it. I just wanted to write out how lucky, special, and joyful I feel today. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

July In A Nutshell

I keep meaning to make a big, colorful post full of pictures, but alas - at this point it would need to be a five page essay to cover all the ground I want. Instead, have a bullet-style list of all of July's shenanigans.
  •  Dropped out of pole dancing after finally accepting that my back just isn't healed enough to handle pole lifts or climbing - bye bye, sexy pole shoes. Maybe next year.
  • Had a wonderful birthday party with all of my nearest and dearests - water fights, sparkly mustache stickers, and copious amounts of food made it a great day to officially age.
  • Visited the Freer Gallery of Asian Art with Tyler and my parents for my Mom's birthday.
  • Went on a fantabulous beach vacation, and also got to experience an outdoor silks practice and my very first lyra (aerial hoop) session. Now my desire for my own rig and silk has become an obsession.
  • Still working on the same two drawing commissions since May - and have become determined to finish them up in the next couple of weeks. They're daunting.
  • Had a couple intense sessions of massage therapy to work out all the nonsense my muscles have been up to.
  • Unfortunately made negative progress on my Pay Off My Debt mission.
  • Had a couple of intense baking sessions as well, since I tend to bake when I'm stressed out. My coworkers were well-fed during July.
 And now it's August, which is a much less busy month, so I'm hoping to catch up on the more mundane aspects of life, and also to finally pull my bike out of its garage hibernation. I've had this thing since mid-July and have still not ridden it yet because I can't figure out the tire pump to inflate its flat, flat tires. Maybe I'll make that my project for tonight.

Another project I'm starting this month: keep a journal of each spending temptation that I successfully resist. I've tried so many different strategies over the years to curb my urge to overspend myself into oblivion, and none have really taken thus far. Hopefully keeping a record of all of the positive attempts I make to learn how to spend responsibly will be more encouraging than my current and repetitive pattern of punishment and self-hate when I break down and make an irresponsible purchase.