Monday, July 2, 2012

Everything In Moderation

My life for the past few days has been shark movies, smoothies, cookies, and cats - after a series of small victories, I supposed it's only fitting that life came along and kicked me in the butt. Quick rundown -
  • I've been unable to work since June 30th because my company is having trouble getting government approval to continue employing its subcontractors (this is temporary, but I could be out of work for another two or three days, unpaid).
  • Got slammed with a series of unexpected bills totaling about $700.
  • Wrenched the PCL in my left knee during silks practice on Saturday.

I got out of the house on Saturday to go to a birthday party for a couple very dear friends, but other than that I'm a little ashamed to say that I've been wallowing in the doldrums. I do plan on being productive today, but so far I've been infinitely lazy while I baby my knee. Things could be worse!


  1. Glad you're upbeat and I hope things get better soon!

  2. At least you have the above pictured awesome company to keep you company during teh duldrums! :) Also, BURFDAY PARTY THIS WEEKEND WHAT IS UP